KS 9300 – Maize Special


KS 9300 - Crop Master

KS 9300 - Crop Master - Maize Special Combine Harvester, is the best harvester machine available in India with a state of the art engineering technology for your agriculture fields, this is a power machine with a Ashok Leyland Engine, one of the most Sophisticated machine with specially designed outer cutter bar which can Harvester fallen Crop, Heavy Duty gear with 1312 Big Clutch Plates, cutter gear for blades Movement, KS 9300 comes with six straw walker for better Grain Separation, and last but not the least a perfect Computer Balanced Machine as all the rotatory parts balanced independently.

Ideal For Harvesting of:
  • Wheat.
  • Paddy.
  • Sunflower.
  • Soyabean.
  • Grams & Pulses.

KS 9300 Crop Master - Self Propelled Combine Harvester is Powered by ASHOK LEYLAND AL 412 TAC (Turbo Charged) Bharat Stage III, Four Stroke, Water Cooled, Direct Injection, Powerful & Fuel Efficient Diesel Engine.
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  • 1   Chassis 51”

  • 2   Front Wheel 18-4-30, Rear Wheel 8-25-16

  • 3   No. of Straw Walker 6 No. of steps 6

  • 4   Weight 7600 kg

  • 5   Cutting Capacity: Wheat 3-4 Acre per hour. Paddy 2-3 Acre per hour

  • 6   Overall Dimension (Transport)
    Length 12060 mm
    Width 3200 mm
    Height 3700 mm

  • 7   Overall dimension (working)
    Length 8450 mm
    Width 4700 mm
    Height 3700 mm

  • 8   Effective cutting width 4300 mm

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