KS Paddy Straw Chopper


KS Paddy Straw Chopper

Paddy Straw Reaper offered provides functioning as a threshing machine where it runs the function of cutting, threshing as well as cleaning the straw in one operation. Here, the wheat and rice stalks which are left after combine harvest are cut using blades while the revolving reel helps in pushing them back toward auger. He process involves stalks being conveyed back into machine through auger K S Agricultural Ind. Pvt. Ltd. developed a tractor operated paddy straw chopper-cum-spreader. The machine harvests the straw left by combine and chops into pieces and spreads into the field in a single operation. The chopped stubbles can be buried easily into the soil by using traditional disc harrows (two operations) or one operation of rotavator and get decayed after irrigation. Subsequently, wheat sowing can be carried out as usual or by the use of strip-till drill/no-till drill.

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