KSA GreenGold 41 4wd Tractor Combine

The latest design of KSA GreenGold 41 4WD tractor-driven Harvester combine comes with a powerful engine and is suitable for harvesting wheat, paddy, soya bean, sunflower, pulses, grams, etc.

KSA GreenGold 41 4wd Tractor driven Harvester Manufacturer, Exporters & Suppliers

KSA GreenGold 41 4WD tractor-driven Harvester combine from KS AGROTECH PVT.LTD. comes with a powerful engine and is suitable for harvesting wheat, paddy, soya bean, sunflower, pulses, grams, etc. The powerful engine runs all four wheels so that the farmers can easily harvest wet fields without losing time and resources. The special design comprises an outer cuter bar, rear axle beam for better ground clearance, the right-hand lever for better control and easement in operation. The design complies with the indigenous and international industry standards so that a farmer can find immense usability and long-span durability.

The Green Gold 4WD Harvester is suitable for harvesting wheat, paddy, soya bean, sunflower, pulses, grams, etc. Every part of this design is QC passed so that the farmers can enjoy the highest power and efficiency. The KS Agrotech PVT. LTD. team also offers excellent after-sales support so that the harvesting process goes unhindered. Enjoy working with the powerful beast and harvest your crops easily. KS Agrotech offers the best Greengold 4wd Harvester prices in India.

KS Agrotech – Harvester Combine Manufacturers in Punjab (India)

KS Agrotech PVT.LTD., which is one of India’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. We have successfully provided support to the farmers since 1955 by being part of the KS group. Hence, KS harvester combine is versatile machinery that is doing exceptionally well to reach the farmers and keep up with the expectations. We ensure serving the best technologies and equipment using resources in the correct direction.

We provide services in Punjab, but we also work all over India and all the other continents. We believe in becoming the leading Harvester Combine Manufacturers in India in upcoming years. We have become a home brand because we have fulfilled our promise to make farming easier for the farmers and convert their bad times into good with our harvester combine. We have understood the problems and needs and have implemented the required techniques in our GreenGold 4WD harvester.

What is KSA Green Gold Combine Harvester?

The new GreenGold 4WD harvester is embraced all over the world these days. It is efficient in the harvest of a variety of crops and pulses. It comes with a robust engine-driven Holland Tractor along with a harvester and is approved by QC for the benefit of farmers. It works for all four tires, making it easy for farmers to yield soggy fields within less time-period and limited energy. 

We have specially devised an outer cutter shaft, rear pivot radar for better clearance of ground, stabler command with the right-hand bar, and others. It guarantees long-lasting and immense usability to its farmers by inventing internationally used designs. Harvester Combine price is minimal to reduce the burden of farmers. It saves the energy of the laborers economically.

It is fit for reaping unprocessed products like wheat, paddy, pulses, grams, etc. Our team provides technical support to farmers after the sale of the beast to work efficiently. We are working on reducing the step of farming using our various types of machinery. We are all aware that tilling, sowing, cutting, and harvesting are all time-consuming processes. Hence our Combine harvester manufacturers in Punjab are reducing the time and energy used in farming processes. Our prime focus is to work on the farmer’s demands and expectations with our equipment.To know more about Tractor Combines Click Here.

We are always here at your service, and we ensure to provide the best quality combine harvester in India. We have successfully become a renowned brand throughout the world. Your demand is our supply is what we highly believe. We also welcome your feedback. It helps us grow brighter and come out effectively with all the new equipment and machinery. 

You can contact KS Agrotech PVT.LTD. customer support numbers 1800120004455 to buy Tractor Combines.

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Technical Specifications of Greengold 4wd Harvester

BEW India GreenGold 4WD Harvester Special Features

  • Ensures prompt efficient after sale service.
  • Quality product, a Quality mark given Punjab government.
  • Specially designed tale.
  • Folding elevator box for easy maintenance.
  • Sheet channel type light weight reel.
  • Right hand levers easy to operate.
  • Specially designed cutterbar can harvest fallen crop.
  • Rear axle beam type for more ground clearance.
  • Manufactured with the help of KS Agrotech Private Limited. an ISO-9001:2008 unit.
  • free tool and spare part kit with harvest.
  • Harvest transmission chin suitable for wet Land.
  • All rotating parts balanced by computer balanced machine.


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