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KSA 756 DB (Plate Model)

We are specialized in manufacturing a wide range of Straw Reaper ( also known as Small Harvester Combine) that is designed to cut straw in small pieces and to collect the left out grains during harvesting. These reapers are available in different sizes and as per the requirements of the clients. Kranti Small Harvester Combine, revolutionary machine in state of the art technology to be with you in your heavy out puts in Agriculture fields, this is one of the most sophisticated machine with Specially designed outer gear bearing support.

Ideal For Harvesting of:
  • Heavy Chasis
  • Double Blower
  • Govt. Approved.
  • Bank Loan Facility.

Plate Model - Heavy chassis, a unique designed straw Outlet for easy flow of straw, Heavy P.T.O lack, Easily drawable Straw grain storage tray, Heavy Transmission Gear, Stone trip to prevent stone entry, Back light Provided for night operation and last but not the least a perfect Computer Balanced Machine as all the rotatory parts balanced independently.
    Technical Specifications of KS 756 DB - Kranti Small Harvester Combine.
  • 1   Chassis 56”

  • 2   Wheel 7-19

  • 3   No.of blower 2

  • 4   Weight 1900kg (Approx)

  • 5   Chopping Capacity: wheat 2-3 trolley per hour
    Paddy 2-3 trolley per hour

  • 6  Overall Dimensions (working)
    Length 3650 mm
    Width 2390 mm
    Height 2130 mm

  • 7   Effective cutting width 4300 mm


  • Specially designed outer gear bearing support.

  • Heavy chassis.

  • Specially designed straw outer for easy flow of straw.

  • Stone trip to prevent stone entry.

  • Easily draw able grain storage tray.

  • Heavy transmission gear.

  • All rotating parts balancing machine.

  • Free tool and spare part kit with harvest.

  • Ensures prompt efficient after sale service.

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