BEW Super Seeder

super seeder
super seeder

BEW Super Seeder – A Product Of KS Group.

Super Seeder consists of a rotor for managing the paddy residues and a zero-till drill to sow wheat. Flail type straight blades are mounted on the straw management rotor which cuts (hits/shear) the standing stubbles/ loose straw coming in front of the sowing time and clean each tine twice in one rotation of rotor for proper placement of seed in the Soil. The flails push the residues as surface much between the seeded rows. This PTO-driven machine can be operated with a 50 hp tractor and can be over 03-.04 ha/hr.

Super Seeder Manufacturers In India

KS AGROTECH PVT.LTD. is one of the central agricultural machinery and has been operating manufacturers in India who have addressed the simple agrarian needs by rendering popular preparations since 1955. It is a part of the KS Community that has remarkably surpassed the farmers and professional experts, including its kind traditions and rich agreements. It also supports the committed farmers throughout and across the world by preparing and designing the perfect tools and equipment required for horticulture.

Why KS AGROTECH For Supper Seeder?

We at KS AGROTECH PVT.LTD. give the best hardware to oblige your requirements. We additionally send out our BEW Super Seeders around the world. This implies that our administrations are not restricted to just India; we even sell our machines and products to foreign nations. In India, we give kinds of help all around the country, especially in Punjab. If you have any questions concerning our Super Seeder manufacturers in Punjab, you can contact us on our mail, which is given underneath.

In reality, you can also approach the system on our forum with your interface difficulties, and we will meet you as soon as the circumstances permit. Our position and other contact features are more adapted to your feedback and encouragement, as user opinion is our primary concern, as your analysis will help us grow and hit even extreme heights.

Why, Super Seeder?

A seed drill tends to be a machine used during farming that propagates seeds for plants by inserting them in the soil and digging them to a certain degree. This ensures that the seeds are distributed equally. The same Super Seeder machine drills the seed only at the seed’s right concentration, ensuring that the seeds are largely covered by dirt. KS Super Seeder comprises a rotor for dealing with the paddy buildups and a zero-till drill to plant wheat.

Thrash-type straight edges are mounted on the straw administration rotor, which cuts (hits/shear) the standing stubbles/free straw coming before the planting prong and cleans every prong twice in one pivot of the rotor for appropriate arrangement of seed in the Soil. The thrashes the deposits as surface much between the elegant lines. This PTO-driven machine can be worked with a 50 hp farm hauler and can be more than 03-.04 ha/hr.

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