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  • BEW Rotary Rake

    BEW Rotary Rake

    BEW Rotary Rake machine from<a href=""> KS AGROTECH PVT.LTD.</a> A useful piece of machinery used in agriculture for hay and fodder operations is the rotary rake machine. The purpose of this device, commonly referred to as a rotary rake or hay rake, is to windrow up chopped fodder material for later processing, such as baling or ensiling.
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  • Super seeder Combo Series

    Super seeder 4 In 1 Combo KSA Series

    Super Seeder from <a href="">KS AGROTECH PVT.LTD.</a> KSA Series comes with 4 in 1 combo Direct seeding that involves the sowing of seeds directly into the soil to achieve germination and establishment and also consists of a rotor for managing the paddy residues and a zero-till drill to sow wheat. Flail-type straight blades are mounted on the straw management rotor which cuts (hits/shear) the standing stubbles/ loose straw coming in front of the sowing time and cleans each tine twice in one rotation of the rotor for proper placement of seed in the Soil. The flails push the residues as surface much between the seeded rows. This PTO-driven machine can be operated with a 50 hp tractor and can be over 03-.04 ha/hr.
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